On a whim, I dropped into The Coffee Club Hornby knowing that the café chain shares the same menu, and hoping that from experience, the quality of their Eggs Benedict should be fairly high.

Past visits to The Coffee Club have been met with generous servings of food, but the Hornby franchise produced a rather frugal helping.

If you’re going to serve Eggs Benedict on two giant slabs of ciabatta then it pays to have enough food, and especially sauce, for the bread to be eaten with (see here for a comparative Coffee Club comparison). Three rashers of bacon (two on one slice and one on the other) were no doubt suffering from extreme loneliness adrift on these vast bread rafts. The imbalance was enough to send anyone’s OCD into overdrive.

The two poached cage-free eggs were cooked to opposite ends of the spectrum. One was perfectly soft and runny, while the other was so overcooked even the white was crumbly, let alone the yolk. I might suggest due to the couple of minutes it spent sitting unevenly under the heat lamps waiting to be delivered to the table. This didn’t help with the overall dryness of the meal.

The hollandaise was typically tasty, but nowhere near enough to enjoy with every mouthful, especially with the aforementioned ciabatta overload.

There is a hashbrown pictured, which does not come with the meal. Add a ridiculous $3 extra for this. Now imagine what an even more paltry plate of food it would have been without it. For $18.50 – you’d think that including a 20c supermarket hashbrown wouldn’t exactly bankrupt the business.

Overall, sure the Eggs Benedict was somewhat tasty – but the lack of consistency, balance and overall value was really disappointing.



Eggs Benedict with Bacon $18.50 ($3 for a hashbrown).



Shop 1, 19 Chalmers Street, Hornby.

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