Salt on the Pier (the downstairs café) is one of my favourite spots in town. It’s always busy and the location is second to none in Christchurch.

Their no-frills Eggs Benedict is free of pretentiousness and arrives pretty much as you would expect it based on the menu description.

Two crispy pieces of sourdough with nicely cooked bacon, two supermarket triangle hashbrowns and two eggs on top. A massive bonus for the dish is the clear ability to split the dish into two separate parts, each with a bit of everything on.

The hollandaise is a little weak in colour and lacks that tangy hit, and it’s also runnier than many others. Disappointing is the inclusion of cracked pepper in the sauce itself and chopped parsley on top. Those should both be optional. Put a couple of sprigs of parsley as a garnish and let me put my own pepper on if needed. Take my wife for example – she hates parsley and cracked pepper – so that excludes this dish from the menu for her, except she wouldn’t know until she ordered it.

Overall, for $20 I would expect at least a homemade hash, but the meal as a whole isn’t an unsatisfying one taste-wise.


Bacon, Salmon or Spinach $20.00

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