Based in The Tannery, that upmarket hipster oasis in the middle of otherwise industrial Woolston, Mitchelli’s is a thriving little café with a steady stream of clientele.

Mitchelli’s came recommended on the Eggs Benediction Facebook page so I decided to see if their Eggs Benedict was up to the test.

There were a lot of staff working for a Tuesday morning, and the downstairs was at a premium, so we headed up to the mezzanine floor where more tables and even a small meeting room were available.

The girl who took my order (there were three of us dining this particular day) was obviously distracted, she spoke with other staff while I was speaking and I wondered whether she rang everything up. My suspicions were confirmed when one meal was missing a side of toast, another was missing a side of bacon, and the drinks were all served in takeaway cups, when we were dining in. Not a great start to the day.

However, it’s the Eggs Benedict I was there for, and in general it did not disappoint.

It’s unusual for Eggs Benny to be served on focaccia bread, and I wasn’t looking forward to the rosemary overpowering the meal, but the two well oiled and perfectly toasted triangles of focaccia didn’t do anything of the sort.

The free-range smoky bacon was beautifully subtle on the smoke and shaved so fine and delicate that any attempt to crisp it up would have ruined it altogether. It was a stunning bacon and alone, it’s something I would go back for (they do a bacon butty which sounds nothing but sublime!)

Two free-range poached eggs were a little on the small side and much of the egg white had been left behind in the pan. The yolks were full of flavour, expertly cooked and nothing but picture-perfect when broken into.

The hollandaise looked thick and rich with very little run-off from where it was poured – but it had developed a skin by the time it had been delivered which is never an appetising prospect. It had a very light speckling of cracked pepper through the sauce – something that I’d always prefer to add myself if needed, but nevertheless the level of richness and tang were right on the money.

Despite the lackadaisical service lending a bitter air to the meal, I’m sure it was just an anomaly for what otherwise looks like a tightly run ship. The Eggs Benedict is one that’s worth checking out, especially for bacon fans and even more so for the very reasonable prices.


with free range smoky bacon $16.50
with hot smoked salmon $17.50
with spinach $16.50



The Tannery, 3 Garlands Rd, Woolston

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