Milieu is situated in the heart of Addington, an area somewhat starved of quality eateries. It’s surrounded by bustling offices and sees a constant flow of patronage whether they are eating or just grabbing a coffee on the go.

Their Eggs Benedict with bacon is a no-frills meal, but proves simplicity, when done well, can be a pleasure.

The biggest positive is their use of a first-rate English Muffin (sourced from local bakers Breads of Europe), which trumps sliced bread or your supermarket variety muffin every day of the week.

On top were nicely crisped rashers of bacon and a couple of perfectly poached free range eggs. The generous serving of hollandaise was a good colour and fairly standard in terms of taste.

There were a couple of hash-brown triangles on the side, which can sometimes bring the dish down, but these happened to be nice and crisp, texturally complimenting the rest of the meal.

The cafĂ© was probably half full, but that didn’t hinder their Eggs Benedict being delivered within 5-10 minutes of sitting down. They also do a salmon/spinach and mushroom/spinach version.


Eggs Benedict with Bacon $18.50



112 Wrights Rd, Addington, Christchurch 8024

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