Frank’s Café, tucked away in the corner of Eastgate Mall is a tiny place, with minimal seating, yet manages to transcend anything else the mall has to offer in terms of food quality.

Their eggs benedict, while simple is very tasty and excellent value for the price.

Ciabatta is an excellent choice for an English muffin replacement as it’s porous and holds egg yolk and hollandaise very well. Frank’s had two generous squares of toasted ciabatta which were topped by a layer of basic baby spinach leaves.

The bacon was crisped well, and obviously cooked in a sandwich press going by its tell-tale flatness. Both eggs were perfectly poached and were covered in a thick hollandaise, which could have been a more generous serving if I’m to be honest.

There was a solitary hash-brown triangle that was straight out of the supermarket, and in fact you could whip up this exact eggs benedict by visiting any supermarket. However Frank’s doesn’t build it up to be anything other than a no frills, basic eggs benedict, and the price reflects exactly that.

I’ve had far worse eggs benedicts from places with far loftier reputations. Consider this as an alternative next time you’re milling around Eastgate’s food hall.


Eggs Benedict with bacon and a hashbrown – $15.50



Eastgate Mall, 20 Buckleys Rd, Linwood, Christchurch 8062

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