After walking the central city looking for somewhere to eat breakfast, I stumbled across Coffee Therapy (or just Therapy as they call themselves different things on different mediums).

There were a handful of people dining there, and the¬†food they were eating looked ok, so I thought I’d try out their eggs benedict.

It took around 3 minutes flat for my meal to be delivered to my table, which automatically raised a big red flag.

As the plate was placed in front of me the pungent bitter stench of warm alfalfa sprouts hit me like a freight train. They tasted horribly bitter too and overpowered the whole meal. I mean, I have nothing against sprouts, but stick them on the side. Any cook should know that when alfalfa is warmed, the bitterness factor is greatly increased.

In the short time it took to make, they managed to get one egg rock hard and crumbly, and the other egg slightly underdone. How someone can manage that cooking the eggs together, I don’t know. I can only assume that one egg was already made or they were microwaved.

The bacon also seemed too uniformly cooked to have been near a hotplate or frypan – again, I’m putting my money on the microwave.

At least there was an English Muffin on the bottom, but this had barely been waved past a toaster or hotplate and wasn’t toasted enough to hold up any moisture whatsoever.

The hollandaise was nice enough but a very sparse helping. I recognised the taste and texture as one straight out of the jar. I can appreciate some places not making their own, and that’s fine – it can be a fickle sauce to make properly for a small cafe.

There was also a splattering of balsamic reduction on the plate, purely for visual effect as it was impossible to get enough to influence any of the food.

Overall, even for the relatively low price bracket, I walked away extremely disappointed and wouldn’t recommend Coffee Therapy’s eggs benedict to anyone.

Cost: Eggs Benedict with bacon $16.50



77 Hereford Street, Christchurch

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