The Coffee Club Harewood

The Coffee Club Harewood

I was planning on checking out the Eggs Benedict with bacon at The Coffee Club Harewood, but as I walked up to the door a sign invited me to “Try our Mushroom and Spinach Benedict”.

With mushrooms being¬†one of my all-time favourite foods, so how could I possibly resist. Besides, I’ve only reviewed Eggs Benny with bacon so far, so perhaps it was time for a change.

The menu offered up four variations of Benedict, with bacon, salmon, ham and the vegetarian option available. All reasonably priced with the salmon being the most expensive at $19.00.

Within 2 minutes of sitting down my coffee and OJ had been delivered by the young smiling staff and within 5 minutes my Eggs Benedict had arrived. Sometimes when food arrives too quickly, it can be an ominous sign that too much is precooked and ready to churn out at a moment’s notice. But not in this instance.

The first thing that hit me was the sheer size of the meal – it was a BIG plate of food for only $17.00 and it was presented stacked high but intelligently enough so that it was easy to get a mouthful of everything in each bite.

Two generous pieces of ciabatta (a top and bottom slice) were brushed with olive oil and nicely toasted, although the bottom of the ciabatta took some work to get a knife through. Hardly a deal-breaker though.

The baby spinach was raw, which is fine when it’s the young leaves because they wilted with the heat of the¬†perfectly soft, tender and buttery mushrooms.

The two cage-free poached eggs were large, plump and ever so slightly under-done allowing for the cooking process to continue until they were eaten. The porous ciabatta readily soaked up any yolk and juices, which made even the very last mouthful a combination of every flavour on the plate.

It’s the hollandaise that can make or break the meal, and The Coffee Club’s hollandaise was a good consistency, just runny enough to allow it to get in all the nooks and crannies but thick enough to have a good velvety texture. The colour was on the pale side and it could have had a little more tang to it, but it was still rich enough to complemented the dish perfectly.

The Coffee Club Harewood’s Mushroom and Spinach Benedict is the best I’ve had in a long time and the sheer size and value of the meal meant I walked away full and very happy indeed. I’ll be back another day to try out the bacon and/or salmon version too.


With bacon $18.00

With smoked salmon $19.00

With spinach & mushrooms $17.00

With ham $17.00



Spitfire Square, 530 Memorial Ave, Christchurch Airport, Christchurch 8053

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