Styx and Stone

Styx and Stone

Northwood is horribly starved for places to sit and eat if you don’t want Subway, Pepe’s or cabinet food.

So I took a gamble on Styx and Stone Bar and Restaurant, and sure enough they had Eggs Benedict on the menu.

They seemed a bit short staffed this particular day and the manager was running around like a chicken with her head cut off, but coping well as it wasn’t very busy.

My Eggs Benedict arrived in around 10 minutes and looked decidedly average on the plate. It wasn’t hard to tell that the taste was going to follow suit.

The supermarket grade English muffin laid a beige platform for some overcooked, but not crispy middle bacon (which was stated as streaky bacon on the menu).

Two perfectly cooked poached “farm fresh” eggs sat atop the bacon and were covered in a rather bland hollandaise, although there was a decent covering to coat every mouthful.

Overall there was nothing offensive about the meal, but nothing to lift it above being your middle of the road, stock standard, garden variety, vanilla, “meh” Eggs Benedict. Probably worth a couple of dollars less than the menu price of $17.50.


Eggs Benedict with Streaky Bacon or Mushrooms & Spinach $17.50



1 Radcliffe Rd, Belfast, Christchurch 8051

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