Hello Sunday

Hello Sunday

Hello Sunday is a gorgeous little cottage/café hidden in behind The Colombo in Sydenham.

The menu is mouthwatering and the cabinet food on display is enough to make anyone go back time and again.

The pictures I had seen of Hello Sunday’s salmon eggs benedict convinced me to pay them a visit to see if it tasted as good as it looked.

When the plate arrived, it made a stunning picture of glossy vivid colours and I couldn’t wait to tuck in.

On the bottom was a herb potato hash which tasted nice, but pushed the idea of what I personally would call a hash. It was more of a potato bake – with slices of potato compressed into a slab. Mine was so dense it was a little undercooked – a fact that seemed to shock the staff when I told them – so I expect this was an exception to the norm.

The salmon was amazing – no flaked or sliced supermarket salmon here, this was genuine large chunks of beautifully heated and smoked salmon, each one melting in my mouth.

Sitting on top were two of the most perfectly poached free range eggs coated in a frugal amount of albeit delicious hollandaise – which I may normally have an issue with, but in this particular eggs benedict the salmon is the hero and too much sauce could have detracted from it.

Garnished with a pesto drizzle, a few sesame and sunflower seeds and a wonderfully peppery watercress, Hello Sunday’s eggs benedict is a dish I would gladly return for. They also do a smoked mushroom version and if you make your way out to the amenities, you will pass a smoker filled with meaty portabello mushrooms – which smells amazing!


Eggs Benedict with Salmon $21.50

with bacon $20

with smoked mushrooms $20



6 Elgin St, Sydenham, Christchurch 8023

Fava Café

Fava Café

About 12 months ago I visited Fava Café for Eggs Benedict and remember enjoying it – so I thought it was due time to go back and write it up for Eggs Benediction.

Due to the fact my default go-to Eggs Benedict is the bacon variety, for a change I decided to try the correctly named Eggs Florentine (or Eggs Benedict with salmon in most other places).

The meal was delivered within 10 minutes, during which time I sipped on my latte and freshly squeezed OJ (around $11 for those two alone – OUCH!), and at face value the plate of food put in front of me looked inviting.

Looks can be deceiving.

As I broke open the two eggs (always a good idea straight away to stop them cooking), one of them was so hard-boiled I could have broken a window with it, while the other was slightly under done, but fine. I struggle to comprehend how someone can cook two eggs and get each one at opposite ends of the cooked spectrum. Baffling and highly disappointing.

The Akaroa salmon was delicious. It wasn’t some sliced supermarket product, but a tasty flaked meaty salmon that made me wonder why I don’t have Florentine more often, which I will.

The “English muffin” was a conundrum. It had the look and texture of a burger bun – even having sesame seeds on one side, but tasted like a muffin. However when it’s all soaked in hollandaise and the yolk from the one runny egg – it’s all about the texture – which wasn’t great.

I have come to accept that the inclusion of cracked pepper mixed in the hollandaise is the norm around Christchurch, but Fava’s hollandaise didn’t. Instead it was pre-cracked on top, which I personally feel should be up to the diner. Bring a pepper mill over with the meal and ask of they want it on – it’s not that hard and takes no time for that little bit of personal service. That rant aside, Fava’s hollandaise was tasty and thick, but still runny enough to get throughout the elements on the plate.

The meal came with wilted baby spinach under the eggs and some micro herbs to garnish, as well as a couple of lemon slices – an essential accompaniment with a Florentine and the citrus lifted the whole dish.

As disappointing as Fava’s Florentine was this particular day, I have to admit that as a mouthful with a bit of everything – it was tasty. I hope, for Fava’s sake, that the chef just dropped the ball this time around.


Eggs Benedict (bacon) $17.90

Eggs Florentine (salmon) $18.90



236 Centaurus Rd, St Martins

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