Due to its industrial/business park location, Café Kudos is always busy with everything from people grabbing coffees on the run to staff meetings and everything in-between.

Café Kudos serves three versions of Eggs Benedict – Bacon, Salmon and Mushroom, but predictably it was the bacon variation I chose to order.

When it arrived I was surprised to see a couple of unexpected elements. Firstly was the wilted spinach on top of the English muffin (which wasn’t in the menu description) and the inclusion of wholegrain mustard in the hollandaise, something I am yet to encounter anywhere else.

Even though the mustard gave the hollandaise an almost unappetising, slightly browny hue, I must admit that it did ad an extra dimension to the hollandaise that worked surprisingly well. However if wholegrain mustard isn’t your thing, then you’re probably not going to like this at all.

The two free range eggs were of a good medium-large size, but had been cooked to death. The yolks were hard to the point of crumbling away when cut into – never a pleasant thing to see in any egg dish. Four rashers of bacon sat beneath the eggs and while not exactly crispy, were cooked to a standard matching most examples around town.

The wilted spinach was more like a sodden drowned spinach as it hadn’t been dumped on the muffin in a tight lump, retaining a lot of water. It hadn’t been drained properly, or had the excess water patted or fried off. The horrible consequence of this was an English muffin which had taken on so much water that it had turned to a stodgy dough. The spinach also had a distinct bitter/metallic taste.

Had it not been for the inclusion of the sopping spinach, Café Kudos’ Eggs Benedict would have been a fine example of an average dish despite the overcooked eggs, but unfortunately it ended up being genuinely unpleasant.


Eggs Bene with Bacon $19

with Salmon $21

with Mushrooms $19



235 Annex Rd, Middleton, Christchurch

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